Marcus McLoughlin
SuperValu - Portarlington

“3 years ago I was fortunate enough to have Johnathan Mullane appointed as my retail accountant and adviser. During this time we have completely turned my business around in this challenging environment.

Not only have we added 2% to margin but we have also reduced overheads by circa 1%. This 3% gain to my business has been achieved by identifying and targeting specific areas in my business that Johnathan felt could deliver more to the overall bottom line. Suggestions and best practice that actually worked were introduced and as a result I can stand over a 3% net gain to my bottom line.

As a result of Johnathans control on my back office I have been able to concentrate all of my efforts on retailing with the knowledge that any back office issues will be communicated to me by Johnathan in real time along with suggestions on how to improve any weaknesses.

On a day to day basis I drive my business with the short concise KPI reporting prepared by Johnathan as do all of my staff who are in regular contact with Johnathan for feedback and progress reports on agreed targets. As a result of the quality of information and guidance from Johnathan and the input of the staff at the store the business will finish this year level on last year despite stiff competition in the locality.

As you will have gathered I would have no hesitation in recommending Johnathan to any retailer and would be happy to discuss in person the benefits he has brought to my enterprise.”

Sean Tarpey
SuperValu - Cavan &
Centra - Drumalee

“Johnathan Mullane has been the lead accountant on my stores for the past 5 years and I highly recommend the service he has provided for both my stores.”

He ensures I have timely management accounts which allow me to react quickly to problems within departments in my stores and the level of analysis that he does as part of the management accounts means not only do I know problems in departments but also the exact area we need to focus on to rectify the issues. In addition as I have two stores the weekly controls and performance reports provide me with an overall summary of the performance in my stores ensuring I can focus on the day to day running of my business with the knowledge that the financial side of my business is in safe hands.

What sets Johnathan apart is not only is he always looking for ways of adding profit to my bottom line, by analysing the cost base in my store line by line as well as actively looking to add margin in my departments by waste reduction or margin enhancement initiatives, he also makes it his business to know every aspect of my business in order to be more than just an accountant but also be a reliable business advisor. If you are looking for tight controls and increased margin in your business than I would have no hesitation recommending Johnathan to any Retailer.”

Jason O’Callaghan
Ryan Group

“The EzFlo accounts package and their financial, operational and management reporting system was implemented in our group of SuperValu’s in Jan 2021.  The transition to their automated accounts package has been seamless with the team in EzFlo being with our accounts team every step of the way. The automation in the accounts and the financial reporting developed is slick and has made our weekly processes and quarter end process much quicker.  The reporting system is excellent and allows us to have real time operational and financial information that allows the management team to manage the business proactively rather than spending our time on gathering information.“

Anto Hegarty
Centra - Ballinspittle

“We began working with Jonathan and the team at Retail Financial Solutions over 6 months ago and already our business has changed dramatically for the better!  Within the first couple of months with RFS’s help, we secured a bank loan to revamp the store which is now almost complete.  With the excellent support and guidance from Jonathan, Alice and Michael the transition was easy, and we are making positive changes.  Jonathan knows the ins and outs of our retail back-office system and alerted us to issues with margin, waste, department transfers, stock control and much more and together we have set targets to resolve.  Our quarterly reviews are invaluable and our real-time weekly KPI’s allow us to keep an eye on our performance, quickly identify problems, make and monitor changes.  We are delighted we made the move to RFS.“

Donagh Hickey
Centra - Rathmore

“Since we took the decision to join Retail Financial Solutions (RFS) we have seen a significant improvement in our departmental performance. Along with getting a detailed KPI, we also get reported to us weekly results on all fresh departments and internal controls in the store. This has been vital information for both me and my management team. I now get detailed Quarterly Management Accounts in real time which gives me and my team time to react to any issues plus we get constant support from the team at RFS on resolving issues with the overall aim of margin enhancement. It was a big decision to outsource the finance function to RFS but it’s a decision that I believe is pivotal to the continued success of my business.”