Johnathan Mullane (B.B.S. A.C.A).

Johnathan is a qualified Chartered Accountant with ten years experience specialising in retail. Prior to the foundation of Retail Financial Solutions Johnathan was an Executive Accountant leading a company providing book keeping and management accounts to Super Valu & Centra retailers in Ireland.

Over the last ten years Johnathan has implemented control systems, clear precise information systems and a reporting structure in all his retail clients. The results have been enhancement of margin and reduction of costs in every single client he has served. Johnathan founded Retail Financial Solutions in the summer of 2014 with a clear objective to take retail accounting and consultancy to the next level.

“There are loads of companies out there today that provide detailed accounting and information systems to retailers. What I observed in my time in retail is that what most retailers want is for their consultant and accountant not only to report on issues in their store but to oversee the implementation of changes that resolve the issues highlighted. Retail Financial Solutions main objective is to be on our client’s site frequently to implement changes but just as important to communicate with management staff in the store to drive our clients business forward”.

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